About me

My name is Hannah Findlay, I am 21 and this is my little outlet of mental health. I am in recovery for anxiety and PTSD, but I work in the NHS as a Mental Health Support Worker. I also volunteer with the mental health charity MindUK as a Youth Wellbeing Trainer. I deliver workshops to schools and youth offending teams sharing my story with my mental health, in hope it will inspire and provide support to those going through a difficult time. I show them ways on how to best manage their mental health as a young person.

“You grow through, what you go through”

As tough as my experiences were, I would not take them back for the world. I know now I had to go through what I did, to become a stronger person and ultimately help you guys on my instagram and reading this blog. Helping other people is my way of giving back to the universe, which pretty much had my back, it knew it was going to bring me to a higher place. I used to always feel like a victim of my mental health, but now I realise my purpose is to help others through their journey by using my story and voice. This is me, speaking my truth.

Please check out my posts all about mental health, self care, recovery and advice here.


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